Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Art Show News - Halifax WOOHOOs!

We delivered one of our most popular artworks ever to a returning fine collector in Central Florida and hung it in the master bedroom on Monday, the day after exhibiting it in the Halifax Art Festival. T'was a pleasant surprise when our patron spoke for A Day of Endless Wonder Sunday afternoon during the show. 

We won a very nice cash award during the Halifax Art Festival in Daytona Beach. Just one level below Best of Show, there were three Awards of Excellence awarded on Saturday night after the first day of the show along with 20 other awards.

Our consolation prize for not winning the top award is that we were sitting with the fellow who did. Best of Show was awarded to Photographer Paul Stevens who is shown here with his especially delighted and delightful partner, Sue.

Sunrise from the patio directly behind our hotel on Daytona Beach taken two days before the Halifax show.