Thursday, October 24, 2013

Early Ocala News

We rolled into Ocala earlier today and stepped out of the van into mid-70's temps since a cold front moved into Central Florida yesterday. This weekend will certainly present the weather we love; low humidity and cool temps.

Barrie's carved and gilt frame that adorns
There'll Be Bluebirds (now in a private
collection at Florida.) Thanks a million,
Fine Arts For Ocala. WOOHOO!
Since the show mentioned they might use some of our images for advertising in the Ocala Star Banner news today, we bopped into a BP gasoline station adjacent to our hotel to obtain a paper. And use our art, they did! Barrie's carved and gilt frame appears on the cover of the weekend insert announcing the art show, and then on page three of the art show spread AB's painting, Only You Beside Me, features at top right.

AB's painting, Only You Beside Me (now in a Florida private collection), is
one of the two works selected by 2012 FAFO judges that helped bring them to
their Best of Show decision. (Click on the images and they'll get bigger.) 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Winter Springs Festival of Arts

Show judges Trent Tomengo and Robert
Sindelir awarded us with a goody. WOOHOO!
We've finished our first show of the tour and it was a good one for us despite the 90 degree heat. Sponsored by Winter Springs Chamber of Commerce, this group treats artists very well by providing us with a beatiful show setting, close to the booth ample parking underneath dense and dark oak trees (what a blessing), and some of the best food we've ever been served during a show (Really, hats off to the show since they served us two breakefasts, two complete hot lunches with the best cream-filled cupcakes ever, and one awards banquet dinner with the best multi-variety fancy cheesecakes ever. WOOHOO!)

A full moon sets behind the west end of the 2013 Winter Springs Festival of Arts very early Saturday morning. The venue stretches along a beautifully landscaped walkway complete with arbored bougainvilleas and fallen soldier monument.

Fall 2013 Tour Schedule

Here's our itenerary of fall venues I promised a few weeks ago.

19-20, Winter Springs Festival of Arts at Winter Springs, FL, booth 317. Been there, done that. Won Award of Distinction. WOOHOO!

26-27, Fine Arts For Ocala, Ocala Arts Festival at Ocala, FL, booth 96. Word has it that we'll be featured in an Ocala newspaper spread about the show to be published Thursday, Oct. 24.

1-3, Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival at Pensacola, FL, booth Warhol 6.

9-10, Temple Terrace Community Arts Festival (east Tampa near Bush Gardens), booth 56.

16-17, Telfair Art Fair at Savannah, GA, booth is in green section.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Completed Gypsy Caravan Auricular Frame

Gypsy Caravan

©2013 AB Word & BL Bryant
Soft pastel w/watercolor on rag board
Shown in its fully gouge-carved gold leaf picture frame
19 x 29 inches framed

FINALLY: Gilding Gypsy Caravan Auricular Frame

With confidence and diligence, Barrie gets his gilding on during several late night studio sessions last week while preparing for the forthcoming fall tour. Scroll down in the blog to see the details about carving this little beauty. WOOHOO!