Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Available Small Favourite

Soft pastel with watercolor on rag board
Copyright 2011 AB Word
6.5 x 7.5 image size
Framed original painting available for $1,250.00

New Painting and Frame

Our War at Home
Soft pastel on rag board
Copyright 2011 AB Word
Shown in it's Rails and Ties picture frame
Copyright 2011 Barrie Lynn Bryant
Framed original painting available
We are especially pleased with this painting and frame combination. On one hand we hope it doesn't sell during the tour, but on the other hand we hope that it does. As with any image on our blog, click on it to see an enlargement. WOOHOO!

Recent Awards & Show Notes

We've had some great success with several shows, including winning awards at Con*Stellation, Monte Sano, and Lincoln (not pictured, Award of Excellence). Sales have been a bit sluggish this season, but Monte Sano was pretty good since we sold the AT THIRTEEN original piece pictured downthread on our blog.