Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Tour Great News & Home Sweet Home

So here's the great news--we won three awards during the tour! BEST OF SHOW from Ocala and AWARD OF DISTINCTION & SPONSOR'S CHOICE from Pensacola. A Representative from WUWF 88.1, Pensacola's public radio station, presented us with SPONSOR'S CHOICE.

Our other great news to report is that we sold a major painting, Only You Beside Me, which has always been a fan favorite. We know it has the best home it could ever have now. WOOHOO!

Here's a photo of our booth during the fall tour. Click on the photo and it will enlarge, as will all of the photos on our blog.

All photos © 2012 BL Bryant
The trip home from Pensacola was easy going until about 10 miles from the Wyoming border in Nebraska. We awoke at Lincoln, Nebraska to a beautiful sunny 70 degrees morning, but later that day drove into a fierce winter storm. Despite driving 55 miles in the icy and windy storm, we made it to Cheyenne safely at about 3:30 in the afternoon and checked into La Quinta Inn.

The next day was sunny, but cold, and we drove another 50 miles across icy roads from Casper to Shoshoni and then 13 miles through Wind River Canyon. By the  time we reached Kirby at 4:30 that afternoon, the temperature was below zero. The next morning the sunshine did little to warm our studio pictured above with five inches of snow on everything and the mercury reading 9-below zero. Home-Sweet-Home!