Friday, August 7, 2009


While we were exhibiting artwork in the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival at Tallahassee, the gallery director of Florida A&M University handed AB a prospectus to enter their premier juried annual show at the school and asked us if we could send some work for consideration. SO WE DID AND WON BEST OF SHOW!

PINNACLE, the National Juried Art Competition, exhibited in Foster Tanner Fine Art Gallery from June 5 through June 26, 2009, was organized by Harris R. Whiltsher II and Aja Roache, professors of art at Florida A&M. Featured in the exhibit were 43 works chosen by juror Grace Maloy, Director, Gadsden Art Center at Quincy, Florida. We are especially grateful to her for choosing our work, Forgotten in the Morning, as Best of Show. This marks the third award presented us by a national show for the artwork.

The work is a soft pastel on rag board presented in a silver leaf aedicule frame.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Several original paintings have found new homes during our tour. Wallflower lives at Jacksonville, FL and both In My Solitude and With One Look #2 live at Tallahasse, FL. Here are pics of these paintings, all of which have been on the market for less than a year.

Thank you so much, dear collectors. We are especially grateful for your purchases.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fresh Squeezed Art

Check out the recognition from the blog freshsqueezedart blog at this link

Scroll down to see a pic of Barrie with the art during the Spring Arts Festival at Gainesville.


We are once again so happy to report that we won BEST OF SHOW at Largo Central Park Artists Market!!! WOO HOO!!! Sales were good here, too.

One of the perks of winning at Largo (aside from winning a pile of cash) is that our work will feature on the cover of the glossy news publication ARTS BEAT! Fellow artist Tony Blue prepares images for publishing in the magazine and he made our work look so great on there two years ago that it trumps all other publications. THANKS TONY!

Check out Tony's website at

Checkk out the Spring 2007 ARTS BEAT featuring our artwork

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


We had a great show opening our tour at Gulf Breeze, Florida and are very happy to report that we won BEST OF SHOW!!! WOOHOO!!!

That's a nice cash award sponsored by Seashell Collections Shopping Center at Gulf Breeze. THANK YOU SO MUCH SEASHELL COLLECTIONS!


Spring is always great at the shows and we look forward to seeing everyone at the following locations:

March 14-15 Gulf Breeze Celebrates the Arts at GULF BREEZE, FL

March 21-22 Largo Central Park Artists Market at LARGO, FL

March 28-29 Santa Fe College Spring Arts Festival at GAINESVILLE, FL


April 11-12 Mandarin Community Arts Festival at JACKSONVILLE, FL

April 18-19 LeMoyne Chain of Parks Arts Festival at TALLAHASSEE, FL

April 25-26 Art Market at Historic Honeyhorn at HILTON HEAD, SC

May 1-3 Brookside Art Annual at KANSAS CITY, MO

May 9-10 Wichita Art, Book, and Craft Fair at WICHITA, KS


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Framed Painting

Here's a new one that we've just finished. The painting is Fly Away With Me and features AB's second model in a tomb-like setting full of bats and wall paintings.

The picture frame combines cocobolo wood, 23 karat gold leaf (the cornice, which Barrie hand shaped/carved for his first major carving project), and polychrome features (the black painted surfaces). Styled with an Egyptian flair, Barrie calls this The Gift of the Nile picture frame.
Framed size is 32 x 24 inches / 81 x 61 cm

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ken Ron Barrie Baby

Just thought I'd post one more pic today.
Our other great friend Ron holding my nephew, Yamato, Ken, and me.
Love ya'll!


We are especially grateful for our friend Kenneth (the dapper fellow in the Nike hat) who created this blog for us and thank him for the wonderful photographs you've seen up to this point. SO NOW WE MUST TAKE OVER AND PUT THE REST OF IT ALL TOGETHER!!

Lately we've been getting our home back in order by renovating and cleaning. We're sorry that not everyone we know can visit us in our home and enjoy the fruits of our labor, but then again not everyone wants to brave the big wonderful Wyoming wintery weather that we so dearly love.

So now we're getting back to work and that means more blogging than you can shake a stick at!

That's the last time you'll see me use the word "at" at the end of a sentence unless I do so in an expression like the one above. And you'll NEVER hear me say it at the end of a sentence, as in the expression "Hey! Where you at?"

Now everyone join me in toasting our friend Ken. HERE'S TO KEN!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Florida shows!

We will back to the Florida shows in 2009! Here are some shots from a recent show in Tallahassee.

Our beings

Here we honor our beings that have shared our lives with us on the range. Some of them you've probably seen with us at our shows!

Hello and Happy New Year

Greetings on this first day of the New Year, 2009.

We are happy to report that AB is planning to eat her black-eyed peas today, ensuring that 2009 will be a good year. (given how 2008 turned out, she might need to eat them all month, breakfast, lunch and dinner)