Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Winter Springs Festival of Arts

Show judges Trent Tomengo and Robert
Sindelir awarded us with a goody. WOOHOO!
We've finished our first show of the tour and it was a good one for us despite the 90 degree heat. Sponsored by Winter Springs Chamber of Commerce, this group treats artists very well by providing us with a beatiful show setting, close to the booth ample parking underneath dense and dark oak trees (what a blessing), and some of the best food we've ever been served during a show (Really, hats off to the show since they served us two breakefasts, two complete hot lunches with the best cream-filled cupcakes ever, and one awards banquet dinner with the best multi-variety fancy cheesecakes ever. WOOHOO!)

A full moon sets behind the west end of the 2013 Winter Springs Festival of Arts very early Saturday morning. The venue stretches along a beautifully landscaped walkway complete with arbored bougainvilleas and fallen soldier monument.