Monday, June 30, 2014

NEW Big Reproductions!

Here's a nice look at the interior of our studio gallery at Kirby, Wyoming.
We welcome visitors by appointment. Call us at (307) 864-2697.

I've been working to print and produce reproductions of some of our
larger artworks. This one is The Grand Illusion, and we can now offer
a 28x22 inch image on 30x24 inch paper unframed for $240. But notice
the framed original hanging on the wall? I also handcraft and gild the
same frame for the print so that it looks just like the original now for
a total print/frame price of $945.

New Beginnings is one of our all-time favorite works. The
image size for it is 16x16.5 inches and is printed on 20x19
inch paper. Price for this beauty is $125 (a bargain!)
Only You Beside Me was widely exhibited before finding a home
in a Florida collection the day after it won Best of Show during
the 2012 Ocala Arts Festival. So we've made a large print of it
that's the same size as the original painting. This 20x31 inch image
is printed on 24x35 inch paper and costs $240.
Soul Providers is one of our best to offer from the black
cloak series. The image measures 20x31.5 inches and is printed
on 24x34 inch paper. This one's also $240. Pretty soon I'll be
offering this in one of my handcrafted frames as well, so
stay tuned. WOOHOO!