Monday, March 7, 2011


We are delighted to announce that Barrie will be teaching a picture frame making workshop for the Museum Academy in Huntsville Museum of Art on May 19 & 20. The course is designed to improve student ability to unify the picture frame with the artwork as well as personalize the picture frame so that it better represents the artist's intention.

For more information about the course or to sign up, contact Barrie at (727) 686-3176, or Laura Smith, Museum Academy Director, at (256) 535-4350.

Course Title:

Art + Frame = A Complete Work of Art
Unifying the picture frame with the artwork it contains


Picture frames and artworks go together like couples do with marriage. Creating meaningful relationships between my picture frames and my wife's paintings is my goal. The ultimate compliment is when someone says, "These paintings couldn't be framed any other way. They are complete works of art."

Course Description and Objectives:

Students will become familiar with picture frame history through a lecture and visual aids; they will learn how frames are made and with what materials they are made, such as types of woods, gold leaf techniques, and non-traditional materials such as steel and stained glass; they will consider creating more meaningful and artful picture frames that unify themselves with the artworks they contain; they will use their imaginations to design and draft a unique picture frame on paper and then share the designs through group discussion; and students will take home a gold leaf picture frame that they have embellished with sgraffito design by applying hand made egg tempera (egg yolk + pigment powder) and then removing part of the tempera to reveal the gold leaf underneath.