Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Winter Studio Renovation

Here are a few more photos from the renovation project.

Carrying gypsum board (a.k.a. sheet rock) from the
lower to upper studios. 5/8 firecode gypsum board is
2.2 pounds per square foot, making a full 4x8 foot
sheet weigh 70 pounds. I used 20 sheets for the project.

How does anyone make money manufacturing and
selling sheet rock? These cost me just $8.80 per sheet
at the local hardware store, Owl Lumber, and that's a
better price than what Home Depot quoted. We do have
a gypsum plant just 90 miles north of us, so maybe that
has something to do with the lower price. The price per
pound is 12.5 cents!

Stapling R-19 insulation to 2x6 studs. This amount of
insulation is necessary in Wyoming. I went out to the
new space earlier this morning and discovered that my
900 watt radiant heater I am using has the temperature
at 46 degrees farenheit, and the temp outside is 15 below
zero! Not to worry. We also have a propane gas vented
stove in the corner to my left in this photo. And when I
turn it on, it takes about 30 minutes to heat the room to
mid-70's! Once I get everything sealed tightly and install
the floor insulation, it'll stay warmer in there. WOOHOO!