Friday, January 16, 2009


We are especially grateful for our friend Kenneth (the dapper fellow in the Nike hat) who created this blog for us and thank him for the wonderful photographs you've seen up to this point. SO NOW WE MUST TAKE OVER AND PUT THE REST OF IT ALL TOGETHER!!

Lately we've been getting our home back in order by renovating and cleaning. We're sorry that not everyone we know can visit us in our home and enjoy the fruits of our labor, but then again not everyone wants to brave the big wonderful Wyoming wintery weather that we so dearly love.

So now we're getting back to work and that means more blogging than you can shake a stick at!

That's the last time you'll see me use the word "at" at the end of a sentence unless I do so in an expression like the one above. And you'll NEVER hear me say it at the end of a sentence, as in the expression "Hey! Where you at?"

Now everyone join me in toasting our friend Ken. HERE'S TO KEN!